1. Only certain products on this website are available for profit sharing.
  2. We will advise throughout the year what products and commission amounts are available, and to whom.
  3. At this time, June 13, 2016 until further notice, no products on this website are available for commission sales to students. Teachers of individual classes will receive affiliate commission per original agreements.
  4. Polymer Clay Adventure: Teachers in PCA are eligible for commission on all product sales according to the terms set forth in their Limited Licensing agreement with Ilki Media, Inc.
  5. Students or potential students may become eligible for profit sharing on PCA at a later date TBD.
  6. Percentages of profit sharing and products they apply to will be set forth upon acceptance of your affiliate application.
  7. All PCA teachers must officially apply for and set up their affiliate account in order to be credited and paid for PCA sales.
  8. Ilki Media, Inc. reserves the right to reject an affiliate sale on the following conditions:
    1. the affiliate sale is a duplicate recorded in the system
    2. the affiliate sale has been refunded to the buyer
    3. the affiliate program recorded a sale for a non-eligible product