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Slab School

A collection of video tutorials showing how to make various slabs, or surface design veneer sheets with polymer clay. Turn your clay slabs into clay earrings, polymer clay jewelry, and other clay art such as journal covers, paintings, gifts, decor and more!

You'll Learn How to:

Work with polymer clay + make jewelry

  • Choose a brand
  • Condition
  • Bake properly
  • Make earrings and jewelry sets

Blend and Pattern

Ombre, or Skinner Blending

Silkscreen patterns in paint and powders

Mylar Stencil textures, paints, and powders

Copy Patterns you See

Use Cutters and Templates to create pattern pieces and mosaic

Use various tools to translate a picture you've seen into a slab you can use


Includes a special intro section of necessary baking and conditioning polymer clay tutorials for beginners so you can get started now

Learn to use various materials with your clay to color, shape, and texture it into clay earrings, clay art jewelry, and other things you can make with a sheet of clay!

Polymer Clay "slabs" are also called veneers. A slab or veneer is simply a patterned sheet. You can use that sheet to make jewelry, earrings, journal covers, polymer clay trading coins, light switch plates, pieces of mobiles... really anything you can dream up! Watch this first featured video for a special technique - if your slab is not big enough, or if you want to thin out or stretch a design before cutting it up, you will want to back it with more clay, rather than just keep rolling it thinner (after all, at a certain point it becomes too thin to use!) 

Enjoy making slabs, and be sure to let us know if you have any requests because we are always making new videos :) 

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About: a Passion for Polymer

Passion for Polymer magazine was published online and in print from 2017 through 2022. Since then, we've taken it into the Creative Clay Club, where there are new tutorials every week.

I want to live in a world where everyone loves to mix up their media and enjoy art making and friends around the world, no matter where you live or how you create.

As an art explorer and podcaster, I have been featured on the blog,,,,, The Art Infused Life podcast, and in magazine articles and books including my own, Polymer Clay Art Jewelry, published with F & W Media and available at Michael’s, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and became a # 1 international Best Seller with my contribution to The Creative Lifebook - The Art of Living a Fully Expressed Life in 2023.

On TV, I showed how fun and easy it is to create with clay on River City Live, Jacksonville's local morning show!

When I'm not up to my elbows in polymer clay, covered in paint with random glitter stuck in my hair, you can find me outdoors enjoying nature, reading a great book, or snuggling with my two pocket beagles and Magic, the cat.

I invite you to Create Along on YouTube @createalongtoolsandart , which has been produced since 2007! The video show features us using our clay tools in fun ways, plus tutorials, techniques, and projects.

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